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295 Commercial Real Estate and Properties in Perth are listed in 8 categories. We have 164 Industrial Warehouses for Sale , 49 Offices for Sale , 46 Development Lands for Sale , 20 Retail Shops for Sale , 6 Showrooms for Sale and 3 Hotels and Leisure for Sale .More Information

Perth is a city well known for its carefully preserved and striking architecture in a beautiful city skirted by the mighty Swan River as it snakes past the city on its way to the Ocean. Perth offers a variety of activities from art and culture to marine and nature. The amazing Parklands surrounding the city are a great way to get spiritual. According to the World Cities Research Network, Perth; the capital and largest city in Western Australia was named World City. With a population of close to 2.2 million Perth is the city with the fourth largest number of people in Australia.

Perth houses the regional headquarters for several large mining operations to give it a sound economic base which enables it to fully dominate the Western Australian economy. There is a wide choice of commercial properties to sell in Perth. Buying commercial property in Perth would open doors for better and more fruitful investment opportunities which would be promoted by the size of the city coupled with the sound economic base, to create more development opportunities for business.

The prices of commercial property in Perth are average; more than in Adelaide and Brisbane but less than the likes of Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. This might be factual, but it no less makes Perth a city worth investing in. The price might be high when you buy the commercial property but the benefits of buying there far outweigh the cost and the winner will eventually be you.