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5 Commercial Real Estate and Properties in Hobart are listed in 4 categories. We have 2 Hotels and Leisure for Sale , 1 Retail Shops for Sale , 1 Commercial Farms for Sale and 1 Industrial Warehouses for Sale .More Information

The city of Hobart on the scenic island of Tasmania has an appealing and fascinating combination of history and modernity. Port Arthur prison, the lighthouse, the oldest synagogue in Australia; the Hobart Synagogue, Australia’s oldest theatre all echo the sounds of graceful age expected from the Australian city only beaten by Sydney in age. Special features to note in Hobart besides the historical ones are Tasmania Bridge and Mount Wellington. Mainland Australians pay a weekend visit to Hobart to enjoy the place and just have fun for the weekend.

The vibrancy of Hobart is contagious which is why so many people want to visit the place at least that one naughty time. CommercialPorperty2Sell realises this is a good place to buy commercial property and has many beautiful, affordable, perfectly located commercial properties to choose from, for those who might be considering taking a look at the commercial property for sale in Hobart. Hobart is a beautiful city with excellent facilities, infrastructure and exceptional property prices that can woo anyone.

The resilience of the Hobart commercial property market makes it beneficial to buy now. Buying of commercial property in Hobart is not proportional to the renting with the former being much lower (about half the prices in Sydney) and therefore allowing buyers to benefit more through leasing their commercial properties. It is an all time advantage to buy now because, who knows what tomorrow may bring?