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89 Commercial Real Estate and Properties in Adelaide are listed in 8 categories. We have 28 Industrial Warehouses for Sale , 25 Offices for Sale , 16 Retail Shops for Sale , 9 Development Lands for Sale , 4 Medical and Consulting Properties for Sale and 3 Other Commercial Properties for Sale .More Information

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is a State with the beauty that is synonymous with the name Australia. The white, sandy beaches beckon to anyone within the vicinity or even without. It has some of the most sophisticated architectures in the world that one just has to visit in a lifetime. Its population of just 1.2 million people makes it the fifth most populous city in Australia.

Adelaide is the gateway to some of Australia’s world renowned wine lands and is termed the ‘20 minute’ city because everything within it is pleasantly within reach, an airport which is seven kilometres from the city, the major breath taking beaches bordering the magnificent city on one side, and to the east, the Adelaide Hills a mere thirty or so minutes away by car, you can be afforded all the Adelaide joys within a short time.

Adelaide offers a peaceful though vibrant life for those who want to live there; and a growing population for those in business. Leasing commercial property offers enough flexibility to flow with the city and be in a flexible position to respond faster to any arising business needs. Adelaide has some of the lowest commercial property rentals in the country in comparison to the other big cities.  In Adelaide, you can be fortunate enough to get a good property for a reasonable rental fee and this is a business benefit that no one should fail to take advantage of.