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CommercialProperty2Sell have over 3 Commercial Real Estate & Properties for Sale in 49 suburbs/cities in Gold Coast, QLD. We have 86

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3 Commercial Real Estate and Properties in Gold Coast are listed in 9 categories. We have 143 Industrial Warehouses for Sale , 111 Development Lands for Sale , 102 Retail Shops for Sale , 69 Offices for Sale , 54 Hotels and Leisure for Sale and 11 Other Commercial Properties for Sale .More Information

Gold Coast has some of the whitest, sandiest beaches ever witnessed; breath-taking in their splendour and an irresistible temptation for any surfer or beach lover. Its turquoise blue sea water seeming to meet and mix with the sky on the horizon, where it becomes unclear what ends where. Gold Coast is a city favoured by tourists and is the destination of choice for those touring Queensland; especially for its sunny climate, those perfect surfing beaches, the vibrant theme parks and the immense rainforest. It also offers the visitor a great skyline with some of the tallest buildings in the world.

It is no wonder that Gold Coast has a lion’s share of the tourist industry in Australia to enable Gold Coast to generate in excess of two billion dollars in revenue per year. Owning commercial property in such a desirable city is a pleasure that most cannot afford and those who can should take advantage. There are commercial properties for sale in Gold Coast for exceptional prices and in perfect locations from your trusted Commercial Property selling company, CommercialProperty2Sell.  As the 2018 Commonwealth Games draw nearer, there will be a chance for even greater growth brought about by the Commonwealth heritage and you should grab the opportunity.

Gold Coast has some of the lowest commercial property prices in the country, buyers ought to buy now, not only for the prices, but because it is a current hub of activity getting better. The population will always keep the demand for commercial property up.