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4929 Commercial Real Estate and Properties in Brisbane are listed in 9 categories. We have 1781 Offices for Lease , 1338 Industrial Warehouses for Lease , 1055 Retail Shops for Lease , 336 Medical and Consulting Properties for Lease , 240 Other Commercial Properties for Lease and 73 Showrooms for Lease .More Information

The sunny weather, sophistication, spectacular scenery and great outdoor adventures are Brisbane’s irresistible offer to visitors and residents alike. The tours, cruises in the Brisbane River and other joyful activities for the outgoing people and cultural centres, museums, various exploration sites and galleries for those who like to enjoy life but in a more serene and quiet environment make Brisbane a city for all types of people, a hive of activity where one can enjoy themselves no matter what they enjoy doing. This city is diverse enough to cater for all.

The booming city of Brisbane is a unique city, and as the most populous in and capital of Queensland, the city has something to offer to most people, from inventive buoyancy and great vibrancy to uncomplicated and rather laid-back lifestyles. The consistent economic growth that is currently dogging Brisbane is ensuring that businesses are booming along with the city.  Whatever your business, you can be sure Brisbane has enough economic potential to make pleasant things happen for you. And, if you want a commercial property for lease in Brisbane, you couldn’t be better placed.

The current low rentals should be enough to make any potential lessee jump at the chance of leasing a commercial property. The prices are the second lowest in the country’s big cities and this gives anyone renting during this time a heightened ability to save. Such low rentals will surely ensure you have bigger profits to enjoy both the business part and the joie de vivre the city offers.