Top 7 Commercial Real Estate Locations In And Around Melbourne

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Top 7 Commercial Real Estate Locations In And Around Melbourne
Top 7 Commercial Real Estate Locations In And Around Melbourne

Commercial property has always been on the radar of smart investors as they offer a considerable cash-flow advantage and the surety of stable renting prices.    With the residential property market experiencing a downswing, commercial real estate has become the hot-favourite of one and all. Till a few years back the shopping centres and retail shops were selling in huge numbers, but the decline in retail trade profits and the boom in online shopping have changed the game. Investors are now more interested in purchasing office buildings and suites which have shown a growth in rental prices and a decline in vacancy rates.

The commercial hotbeds like Sydney and Melbourne are the highest gainers with a thriving trade sector which has put them on the world map. Home to the headquarters of Australia’s biggest corporations, Melbourne has a diversified economy with thriving industries. Investment in commercial real estate for sale in Australia is returning great profits and Melbourne too is steering ahead with its lucrative options. The metropolis has been performing consistently for a few decades and is expected to continue its winning streak. Here is a list of the top seven locations which have the maximum potential in terms of return on investment.

1.  Melbourne Western Suburbs

 As the economy is moving forward, more jobs are getting created and more companies are being set up in Melbourne’s hinterland. The rise in qualified population and skilled migrants from overseas has increased the number of multinationals in the city. As the population is rising and the residential property prices are going through the roof, people are moving to the suburbs where they can find comfortable accommodation within their budget.

This is the reason why many companies and small businesses are eyeing this region. Thus it is the ideal time to expand your property portfolio by putting money into the commercial property of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. If you want to explore the best opportunities, click on the link below.

2.  Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Melbourne’s northern suburbs are cheaper than the eastern part which has made many families take refuge in its vibrant environs. Large blocks and prestigious schools along with all the amenities make this region quite popular among the working population. Located in proximity to the CBD, it has experienced a growth in the concentration of qualified professionals who are settling down here to enjoy the cost-effective living. As the metropolis is becoming costlier to afford, the suburbs are gaining popularity with every passing day.

The lifestyle offered by the northern suburbs is second to none and the region has outperformed Melbourne city’s house price growth. With rising population, corporations are also heading towards the northern suburbs to leverage the bustling atmosphere. Additionally, investors are making a beeline to build office complexes here. If you have a similar inclination, then click on the link below.

3.  Geelong

The port city of Geelong is located a few kilometres away from Melbourne. The city has over 10,000 businesses operating within its boundaries and offers more than 15,000 jobs in manufacturing and nearly 13,000 jobs in retail. The city also welcomes 6 million tourists every year who visit the place to enjoy its scenic vistas. The Geelong CBD has two huge shopping centres and there are five stores of Fagg’s spread across the city. Car sales, research labs and fuel corporations – every industry is flourishing here.

Consequently, massive constructions are taking place to accommodate the industry and promote trade. It is the best time to invest in commercial property for sale in Geelong. If you want to buy an existing commercial establishment, check out the link below.

4.  Melbourne

The city is full of beaming skyscrapers and office buildings that speak volumes about the prosperity and high-yielding growth of the city. From the burgeoning retail spaces to big multinationals, the city provides accommodation to one and all. The industrial sector has shown a sudden surge with major technological advances increasing the tenant demand. Both local and offshore investors are attracted to its industrial property which can earn thousands of dollars through ROI. West Melbourne has come up as an ideal place for investment in industrial property. If you too wish to set your foot in the sector, then take a look at the listings on the following link.

5.  South-East Melbourne

The south-east part of Melbourne is thickly populated and more than 58,500 businesses were operating in the region in 2015. The fast-growing area showcases sustainability and prosperity and this is the reason why the commercial property is growing at an unprecedented rate here. The premium commercial real estate has many industrial parks and office structures which are highly sought-after among the trading community. The region offers the best assets that can be acquired by seasoned investors. Take a look at the best opportunities on the link below.

6.  East Melbourne

Dotted with galleries, food precincts, performing arts venues, and shopping strips, the eastern part of Melbourne is a paradise for those who want to enjoy the perfect work-life balance. Affordable rents and high-income households have made this place a haven for families who want to enjoy public places and rich culture. In fact, it is touted as the most liveable suburb in Melbourne.

Consequently, the commercial activity is on the rise, and more and more traders are setting up their offices in the region. The amazing vibe and rising popularity of the area are bringing back good returns in residential as well as commercial properties. If you too wish to become a part of this community, then click on the link below.

7.  Dandenong     


Located just a few kilometres away from the Melbourne CBD, Dandenong has emerged as a prominent location of high value. With the Victorian Government investing $290 million in its revitalisation, the region is expected to get investments to the tune of $1.2 billion in the private sector in the coming years. With more jobs being created every year, it has become one of the best places to live and work close to Melbourne. Naturally, many investors are interested in gaining from its growth and are looking for suitable opportunities in its property market. If you are harbouring a similar dream, then click on the link given below.


Besides the growing number of businesses, there has been an increase in demand for storage and warehouses in the city from e-commerce companies. The service-based economy has further boosted the performance of commercial property for sale in Australia. In a nutshell, it is an ideal time for commercial investment in and around Melbourne.       

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