Different Types of Office layouts

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Different Types of Office layouts
Different Types of Office layouts

Recruiting and retaining the best employees within an organisation is a vital key to running a successful business. But encouraging them to get the most out of their skills is also important for boosting the higher productivity of a firm.    

Being an enthusiastic business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your team’s work efficiency on the top by providing them with thorough training sessions, apt working environment and rewards incentives. But there is one more thing that we often overlook, and that is the layout of an office.  

It is one of the key aspects that can help you organise things in a better way while letting your employees produce quality work in a comfortable and vigorous working environment. An apt office layout not only enhances the overall look and feel of commercial space but also encourages staff to get the most out of their productivity in a well-organised manner.  

Needless to say that Commercial Property 2 Sell offers all types and sizes of commercial spaces across Australia for buying and selling purposes. But, if you want to design your workspace from scratch, then you should know everything about different types of office layouts.

Here are some different types of office layouts/designs that are trendy and impressive. Let’s have a look at these types along with their pros and cons.



1. Cellular Office Layout

According to the recent research, an office design/layout directly impacts the morale of an employee which affects the quality of their work and other operational tasks. That is the reason why new-age entrepreneurs focus more on these aspects.

No matter how small or big your company is, incorporating an efficient office layout such as Cellular plan always has a potential to influence your employee's performance.

A Cellular Office is one of the most popular layouts in which the entire floor space is divided into individual spaces or cubicles for one or more employees. It is sequentially arranged areas that give employees their own private space.  

Most of the offices in Australia opt for this classic office design plan because it not only promotes focused working environment but also systemise things in a better way.

In cellular office plan, individual rooms are created either by using ceiling stud partitions or a window or a door. This means each will get their own separate space where they can operate their work the way they want.  

But the best part about this layout is that you can create small cubicles for your different operational team –which is good for your team as well as company’s productivity.


Pros of Cellular Office

  • Foster Autonomous Work

One of the best things about cellular office layouts that it promotes an efficient working environment to a great extent. The chances of enhanced productivity become higher when an employee gets an apt workspace where he/she can manage their own work without any hindrance. In fact, most of the Australian organisations incorporate cellular office plan to create an autonomous working environment for their highly-skilled and enthusiastic employees. 

  • Improves Focus and Concentration

Cellular offices offer a peaceful environment for both the employees and employers with the sole aim to let them focus on their respective jobs. Usually, these types of office plans are ideal for programmers, writers, analysts and technical staff. These jobs need a high level of concentration, and thus private cubicles work great for them. 

  • Ensures Privacy

In individual cubicles, one will get a high level of security and privacy. It means your confidential documents, and other relevant papers will remain safe as nobody has the permission to enter into your private working space.So, if you are looking for a well-designed cellular commercial space in the hotspots of Australia, then visit commercial property2sell web portal. There you can find hundreds and thousands of commercial properties that you can buy as per your specific requirements. 


Cons of Cellular Office

  • Consumes a lot of space

Cellular office layouts take extra space as compared to any other design plan. Since you are dividing your entire floor plan, you will need additional space for each cubicle. Even the passageways and doors in cellular plan consume a huge space. So, if your commercial space is small, then this would not be an ideal design plan for your office. Opt for something else that requires less area effectively and efficiently.

  • Lack of Communication

In the cellular offices, the mode of communication among employees lack because of separate workspaces. Though employees can communicate via emails and memos, still it is not as effective as verbal communication.  


2. Open Office Layout

Most of the creative and IT companies in Australia use open office layout to promote smooth and effective communication among employees while maintaining a high level of discipline.

Under this plan, an entire floor area is divided by low partitions where employees may have their own desks or may share a table with other employees. However, each employee will be given a separate chair and a computer, but the overall workspace will remain non-territorial.

Those who prefer this office layout says that it provides greater opportunities for effective communication, transparency, collaboration while promoting employee relationships. If you want to boost your company’s productivity, then this office layout has a lot to offer you.  


Pros of Open Commercial office plan

  • Enhances Verbal Communication

Since open office plans don’t have doors or any other physical barriers, there is a good chance of improved communication among employees. It makes it super-easy for staff members to interact with each other and assign their work accordingly. This can also fasten the flow of information and encourages teams to perform their jobs without any hindrance.  

  • Cost-effective

Open office plans are more economical as compared to cellular offices. Instead of constructing separate workstations for your employees, you can provide more workspaces in this office plan. It will help you place more people without any mess. Plus, you don’t need to pay extra for separate lighting and air-conditioning.  

  • Makes supervision easy

From an employer’s point of view, open plan offices are great. The design structure makes it easier for administrators to supervise their teams in an effective manner. You don’t need to track your staff as everything is open in such a vivid working environment. Even, this simplifies complex operational processes and increases the productivity of both the employees and firm.


Cons of Open Office Plans

  • Leads to distraction and noise

While open office layouts make supervision powerful, on the contrary, it also leads to noise and distraction due to the undivided workspace. This makes it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, which directly affects the company’s productivity. 

  • Lack of Privacy

This is also one of the biggest disadvantages of open office plans that have emerged these days. It not only reduces the privacy aspects of employees but also makes them uncomfortable. It also affects their concentration power and restricts them from making most out of their potential.


3. Co-working Office Layout

Co-working office plan is trendy, chic and popular among new-age Australian entrepreneurs. In this layout, a worker may or may not have his own workspace. It simply approaches a first-come and first-serve policy that encourages individuals to operate wherever they want to within the premises.

In fact, you are free to choose your own space as per your requirement. Being an employer, you can assign particular desks to your workers according to their assigned job.

If you are a young businessman and want to promote social interaction within your organisation, then this one is best office plans for you. The flexible working environment increases the possibility of collaboration while making workers (even freelancers) comfortable.

In a nutshell, Co-working spaces are ideal for self-employed workers who don’t have an office space for their own. With the payment of a small fee, these people can work in a comfortable working environment.


Pros of Co-working Layout

  • Professional Networking

Co-working space layouts promote an environment that boosts social interaction with same intellectual individuals. Under this, you will get an opportunity to share space with the people who are enthusiastic about their work and would love to share their business ideas or plans with you. You can even discuss your projects with other professionals who are in the same field to get more genuine feedbacks.

  • Interact with customers and clients

One of the best things about Co-working spaces that it allows self-employed workers to meet with their potential clients and customers for their current or upcoming projects. For example, if you want to discuss something urgent about your client’s project, you can ask them to meet you in a co-working office as space is available for both the potential clients and customers as well. 

  • Saves Money

If you are a new entrepreneur and don’t have enough money to set up your own workspace, you can opt for a co-working office layout. It offers a wide array of organisational facilities including desks, WiFi internet, whiteboards, photocopiers and other office equipment to help you get started with your work in minutes. No capital funding is required. Start your work with all the experience you have and take your potential to the next level.  


Cons of Co-Working Office Layout

  • Zero Privacy

In co-working spaces, you won’t get a higher level of privacy as many other co-workers will be working with you in the same premises. In fact, most of the layouts have a semi-private office where people share space with one or more persons.

  • Lack of Security

Usually, cloud servers available in Co-working office layouts don’t provide wired access to the internet. It means you have to use WiFi if you have stored something in the cloud server. This can be a serious problem if you need secure access, especially if you keep your client’s file in the cloud server. The hackers can easily gain access to the secured documents via wireless internet. This is a serious issue.


4. Combination Office Plan

This is one of the most versatile office plan layouts that can help business owners to design their offices the way they want.

If you want both the open and cellular layouts, then a combination office plan is perfect for you. In this specific office plan, you can design your office in an individual or separate cubicles but use smaller space as compared to the cellular layout.

Instead of using doors or windows, use common office surroundings such as tables, couches, and chairs. This will also give a glimpse of open office layout.


Pros of Combination Office Plan

  • Improves productivity

This type of office layout encourages employees to focus on their specific work while increasing their productivity. They can interact with their seniors whenever they stuck in the middle of their operational process. That saves productive hours and encourages employees to work in a better way. 

  • Ensures Smooth Communication

Communication becomes easier between teams and departments when you adopt combination office plan. Employees can clear their doubts, and discuss their upcoming projects without any communication barrier. That is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs look for combination office spaces in Australia.


Cons of Combination Office Layouts

  • Leads to distraction

People passing through the working space could distract you, and in closed office layouts, it really annoys when someone passes through you. That leads to distraction which is not at all good for both the employees and a company.

  • Difficulty in maintaining standard operating system

It becomes quite difficult in introducing and maintaining a subsequent operating system for all employees in combination office plan because all employees are partitioned by smaller cubicles.



An effective and comfortable office plan/layout gives employees a place where they can complete their assigned tasks and meet their personal as well as organisational goals.

Being an entrepreneur, you should opt for an office layout that can encourage your workers to provide quality results while letting them enjoy the comfortable working environment.

Whether you choose Cellular office or an open office plan, co-working office or a combination layout, just make sure you get the most out of your potential team within 8-9 productive hours.


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